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8 Easter Fragrances you need to try.

Posted by The Eroma Team on 20-Mar-2018 10:52:49

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Easter is nearly upon us once again and (apart from the traditional, spiritual connotations), there a few aspects of the modern Easter which are begging to be captured in a candle or home fragrance range - a long weekend, family time & chocolate! With the summer heat starting to ease off and some family time around the corner, now is the perfect time to get experimenting with an Easter range.




Our expert product and fragrance teams have put together a list of the 'must-have' fragrances for this Easter season:

1. 100's & 1000's


100's & 1000's.jpg



This timeless candy classic has an intoxicating scent that just screams "It's time to step away from your computer, stop thinking about work. Go see your family, eat some chocolate treats and lose yourself in the 4 day weekend."


2. Fudge Brownie


fudge brownie.jpg



This rich & decadent scent perfectly captures the time of year. There's notes of buttermilk, hazelnut and vanilla accenting the base chocolate fragrance. It smells good enough to eat and is the perfect room-filling scent for family Easter gatherings. 


3. Lamington





The ultimate scent for capturing an Australian Easter! The Lamington fragrance oil from Luxaroma instantly captures the essence of this well-known chocolate treat. Making the most of rich chocolate base notes and the lighter vanilla and coconut notes, Lamington is another fragrance that always becomes extremely popular over the Easter period (with good reason).


4. Musk Sticks


musk sticks.jpg



Another staple of the Australian childhood and a perfect fragrance to use for the Easter period.The Musk Sticks fragrance oil gives a rich, filling scent perfectly capturing the classic sweet-treat. Instantly recognisable and enticing, this fragrance has proven to be extremely popular this time of year.


PRO TIP: To really capture the spirit of Easter in your range, why not try renaming some of the fragrances? Something as simple as renaming Fudge Brownie to "Easter Eggs" can do wonders for your brand.


5. Sour Patch Lollies



sour patch lollies.jpg




This fragrance has a sweet and zingy essence thanks to the perfectly balanced top notes of lemon and lime. Supported with hints of vanilla and sugar syrup in the base, sour patch lollies fragrance oil is a great way to capture the Easter holidays if you're looking for something that is a little less intense than Musk or Chocolate.


6. Turkish Delight


turkish delight.jpg



Again taking a departure from Chocolate, Turkish Delight is a unique scent in the way that it combines both the mouthwatering essences of Easter sweet-treats using notes such as sugar, vanilla bean and malt and combining them with the lightest, most refreshing fragrance notes available - lemon juice, rosewater and Jasmine petals.  



7. Salted Caramel


salted caramel.jpg



Sweet. Rich. Delicious. 3 words to describe this intoxicating fragrance and 3 words to describe a long, dreamy Easter weekend. With notes ranging from condensed milk to candied pecan and sea salt, Seasalt caramel is arguably the pinnacle in capturing the essence of Easter in your candles, diffusers and soaps. 


8. Cookies & Cream





Our last Easter fragrance only joined our ranks late last year and has been incredibly popular in its first few months. Utilising base notes of vanilla and chocolate cream and topping off with hints of hazelnut, lemon and nutmeg, this fragrance perfectly summarises the modern celebration of Easter. A candle using this fragrance would certainly be fitting alongside all of the other sweet gifts that are undoubtedly going to be shared over the long weekend. 


What would you include in an Easter fragrance range? Let us know in the comments below.

Remember, if you have an idea for a fragrance you would like to see come to life, you can send us suggestions here. We read them all and if your idea goes into production, you'll receive a free sample!