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Introducing The Cambridge Candle Glassware Range.

Posted by The Eroma Team on 10-Oct-2017 09:21:14

cambridge candle glass

For a while now, our Oxford range has been one of the staples of our candle container collection. Its' timeless design makes it the perfect canvas for different types of branding and customisation services. 




With the introduction of Cambridge, Oxford has met it's match.

The new curved base on this candle jar gives it an elegant, modern feel without comprising the versatility of the design and it's what sets it apart from its rival.

cambridge candle glasswarea comparison of the Cambridge base (left) and the Oxford base (right)




What about accessories?

The great thing about Cambridge sharing some fundamental features of the Oxford is that all Oxford lids are also compatible with the Cambridge. The only exception to this is that we're introducing a new size of accessories to accomodate for the new size of Cambridge - XXL.

To illustrate this, we'll be renaming Oxford accessories on so if you notice any changes to our Oxford lids and packaging categories - it's purely a name change. We're simply removing references to "Oxford" in the titles and descriptions of these products as they're now not exclusive to Oxford. 


candle container lids


When is the Cambridge range available? 

The Cambridge candle glassware range should be available to buy on in mid-late October 2017. We'll let you know of any other updates that may affect the Cambridge range (like the introduction of new colour ways for example).




What else is new?

Another differentiating factor between the Cambridge and Oxford glassware is the introduction of a brand new size - XXL. Along side this new size of glass, we'll also be releasing lids and packaging to accompany it. 


We're excited to bring the Cambridge Range to the Candle Makers of Australia.

We think you're going to love them. 





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