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Concrete Candle Jars | Available Now

Posted by The Eroma Team on 19-Jan-2018 11:00:43

Our Concrete Candle Jar range has arrived. Here's a little about them: 

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The new range of concrete jars from EROMA are created using environmentally friendly concrete (sulfoaluminate). Using this raw material saves energy and supports greenhouse gas mitigation when compared against other similar materials. Each jar undergoes a production process whereby the raw materials are initially machine mixed and eventually hand sanded to produce a uniform shape, size and smooth finish.  

The concrete jars have been left raw and unpolished on their exterior to promote an urban, industrial aesthetic. The inside has been sealed to prevent any fragrance or wax from seeping into the natural concrete. 

Each concrete jar then undergoes a curing period of a minimum of 90 days to ensure that it is durable and completely optimised for the candle making processs. 

Every jar comes comes with a matching lid which will help to enhance the fragrance throw of your candle and also protect it from deterioration during storage and transit. 



The concrete range is available in two disctinct styles - straight and curved. In comparison to the straight styling, the curved counterparts feature a contemporary contour following the lower side walls down to the base. This version provides a chic and playful point of difference. Concrete are available in two sizes: medium and extra large.


Each jar is also available in an array of different colours: white, light grey, dark grey, grey cement, stone look, grey acid wash and blue acid wash.



Concrete jars are compatible with some of our custom branding services such as Silk Screen Printing on the base to help make your brand stand out. For more information on custom branding, contact our custom work team here.