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Perfumers Picks: Mothers Day Fragrances

Posted by The Eroma Team on 12-Apr-2018 15:32:35

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Mothers day is fast approaching and like many candle makers across Australia, you're probably thinking to yourself, "what are the best fragrances to use for Mothers Day?" Whether you're a seasoned candle maker or home fragrance veteran who frequents the biggest markets in Australia or you're simply just looking for some much needed inspiration for this special date, our incredibly talented perfuming team have put together a list of the must-have fragrances for Mothers Day 2018. 

When creating a candle or home fragrance product range it's crucial to keep your target customer in mind. This should be the focus when you're thinking about branding, marketing and (of course) fragrance selection. Naturally, Mothers Day conjures up a lot of prominent memories and feelings to mind but it can be hard to quantify this into a specific range of fragrance oils to offer (especially when you're faced with choosing from over 500). This decision becomes even more important when you're investing time and money into developing a range specifically for Mothers day. After all, choosing the right fragrances for the right audience has the power to make or break a candle brand. 

Our perfuming team have put together a list of 5 fragrances that are sure to at least get you started when it comes to the (sometimes daunting) task of making a final decision on what fragrances you're going to offer for this time of the year.

These recommendations have been based around the classic Mothers Day gifts to help you make the most out of this special day for Mums. 


Fragrance Oils to Match Classic

Mothers Day Gifts



Chocolates are a staple gift on Mothers day and for this category, a great option to try is Fudge Brownie Fragrance Oil.  

This classic, enticing scent truly smells good enough to eat! Sitting on a rich chocolatey base note perfectly accented by hints of hazelnut, vanilla, buttermilk and malt. This fragrance never fails to impress and is the perfect option for chocolate-crazy Mums or as an accompaniment to the gift of chocolates.




As if one sweet treat is enough! If you're looking to capture the interest of chocoholic Mums but Fudge Brownie doesn't quite do it for you, another popular fragrance to try is the timeless: Salted Caramel Fragrance Oil. This fragrance combines notes of tonka bean, candied pecan and hazelnut. You could even get a little creative with both of these fragrances and try combining them. 






Mothers day simply wouldn't be complete without flowers. Just like chocolates, it's a classic gift that (most) Mums love. What better addition to getting Mum her favourite flowers than a candle with a beautiful floral aroma?

The fragrance we recommend for this category is the intoxicating, Sheer Lily & White Rose fragrance oil

This scent is a floral power house and at its core are notes of white rose and lily which are exceptionally intertwined with notes of amber, cedar, musk and bergamot. This scent is perfect for candles, reed diffusers and body products alike and truly is an essential in the Mothers Day line up.





Celebratory Drink

Now, we're not saying that Mothers Day is an excuse to party and 'get on it' (although we won't judge), but it's almost a tradition to break out the wine or Champagne on this special day for Mum.

With that in mind, the fragrance that we recommend for capturing the essence of relaxing with a glass of bubbly is one of all time best-sellers: Champagne & Strawberries fragrance oil. 




Mums' Favourite Perfume 

 This Mothers Day, there are bound to be a lot of Mums getting their favourite fragrance as a gift. Why not expand the love of these scents into candle and soap ranges by using some of Luxaromas incredible fragrance oils that are inspired by some of these industry favourites. 

In this area, we've got 2 incredible recommendations for you to try. The first of these is Beautiful Type*. This fragrance is wildly popular and has been for a long time. It perfectly balances green floral notes with hints of chypre to create a truly glamorous fragrance. 




The next recommendation we have for this category is the ever-enchanting fragrance, White Musk Type*. This month marks one whole year since we introduced this wonderful scent and it has proven to be extremely popular. This fragrance brings together notes of Musk, Lily of the Valley, Peach and Clove to create a medley of a truly familiar and intoxicating scents. 




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