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Unleash Your Gift Creativity This Christmas With Candles

Posted by The Eroma Team on 27-Nov-2018 18:20:45
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Christmas is almost here, and this means that it’s time to start looking for the right gifts.

We all know the struggle too well - whether it’s for a client, a good friend, or your nieces and nephews, in today’s age where everyone has everything, finding the perfect present which sends the right message is quite hard.

So it’s time to get personal - and what’s more personal than your own creativity?

At Eroma, we’re setting the challenge- it’s time to create your own candles and make a unique impression, with the #ChristmasCandleChallenge.

Are you up for a bit of light cheer this festive season?


Candles are such a versatile gift.

They can be scented, coloured, boxed, designed and presented in any shape or form to literally anyone. But most importantly, they’re seen as luxurious and classy, not to mention decorative and useful too.

They’re the perfect present idea.

Well, almost. What makes them even more perfect is adding your touch of personality to them. 2018 is all about creating genuine connections by telling meaningful stories, especially during Christmas.

Candles are an ideal way for you to do this – and it’s really easy too.


Why make your own?

Anyone can buy a ready-made candle.

However, when you make them yourself, they’re personalised for the individual who you’re intending to give it to, which means that they come with your story.

You’re guaranteed to raise a few eyebrows and make them smile.


How will you create your connection with candles?

Do you have a client whose brand is red and white? You can match their colours with dyes, add a label and let them know how well you know them.

How about a mother-in-law with a bit of a sweet tooth for apple pie? Then add the scrumptious scented oil to her gift.

Does someone have a new marble kitchen? Make them a marble encased candle jars to match.

Do you know someone with a flair for presentation? Then have them unwrap these beautiful boxes to get to their present.

Recreate the Nativity story itself with a Frankincense and Myrrh scented golden candle, or remind that special someone of an open fire in a snuggly cabin with a crackling wooden wick.

Or, let’s go for the most festive of them all – Christmas pudding oil that fills the house with the true essence of the season.

Your potential is limitless, and it’s easy too.


How do you make a candle?

It’s so simple and easy with the right materials. In fact, we’ve made it so easy, that you can suddenly look like a pro, and really impress everyone at the same time.

Try our complete Candle Making Kit, which you can buy here.


Our candle making kit provides you with the best introduction to making soy candles by giving you all the things you need and simple, step-by-step instructions to help you get started.

This kit makes a perfect gift for your loved ones, or can be used simply to make your own set of gifts for everyone. Eroma provides all the equipment and supplies you need, and our team of experts is on hand to help out, should you find you want help or more ideas.

It has never been easier to access world-class equipment and all of the supplies you need to make your own signature, luxury scented candles yourself at home.

Share your stories with the world, and win!

Christmas is all about giving, right?

Then upload your candle creations onto Instagram and Facebook with the tag, #ChristmasCandleChallenge for everyone to see. There is a free gift for the 10 best Australian entries we see by December 25th.  Winners announced on 9 January 2019.  

Don’t forget to tag us on our Facebook page ( or Instagram (@eromastore)


How will you make your gifts a real Christmas cracker this year?

Shine some light on genuine connections this festive season and make it one they won't forget.

Purchase your Eroma Candle Making Kit today, and start inspiring creativity yourself.

Buy the gift kit that will make you the star

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